My painting and abstract works are a “Work in Progress”… they are a development of many years of thoughts and pondering the idea of the “being” of an artist. The subject matter is important, but how I develop and record how I paint is as equally important to me. The contemporary abstract artwork is influenced by my surroundings and childhood memories growing up in the small  town of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. Known as ” the forgotten corner”  of the province, my work strives to capture the vibrant light, colorful, diverse landscape, and the iconic nature associated with the  prairie of South Eastern Alberta.

I am growing as an artist every day. The people I meet, the places I go and the natural beauty of my surroundings awaken my eyes each day to new subject matter. Colorful abstraction and heavy texture are keys to compel the viewer to touch and look deeper. I use a liberal application of paint with knives, brushes, liquid pouring medium  – anything to make a mark to carve out an image in acrylics. My keys to landscape abstraction are a multitude of mark-making, wild and mostly “pure” colour to attempt to capture my environment.

I love to create  ethereal, personal landscapes and to express my inner heart and  emotions, paradoxically using mundane elements such as text and  household materials; water, coffee salt, sugar and bath salts, and  paper. I start with a solid surface like wood to carry the weight of the  materials as I layer paint, a variety of thickly applied paint mediums  and household textures with alternating paint glazes.  Light plays a  large part in my work.  It symbolizes the stream of opportunity and  enlightenment provided to those who seek: the waking from a perpetual  and mundane life.”